Street Cred Stickers

These one to two spot-color Screen Printed Stickers aren’t for everybody. Most of our customers want our digitally printed stickers that are custom cut by a digital die-cutting machine. But there’s something about getting a big sheet of screen printed stickers all crowded together that you cut out yourself. These bad boys are a nod to the raw energy of the old school punk rock scene, letting you plaster your style wherever you go.

Let your rebellious nature run wild. It’s you, your band or brand, your design, and your scissors.

This style of sticker was made popular by RX Skull and Skam Stickers, but their pedigree goes even deeper, back to punk rock scenes all over the country in the late 80’s to early 90’s and beyond.

Sheet size: 13″x19″, Print Area: 11.75″x17.75″
Choose your color of Intermediate Vinyl
Choose up to two spot colors for printing on vinyl.

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