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With a name like New Mexico Sticker Company, of course our rai·son d’ê·tre is stickers, but we can also print your custom images onto apparel and other products. We have over a decade of experience printing on all sorts of surfaces through our retail store, Metal The Brand. You’ll love the durability and quality of our stickers, and we’re also available to custom print apparel, buttons, enamel pins, banners, posters & flyers, business cards, lanyards, custom tents, and other promotional products.

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Do you have a great design that you’d like printed on a t-shirt, hoodie, baby onesie, or other garment? Check out our Screen Printing Service Fact Sheet for all the information you need to request a quote.


All buttons are printed on a quality inkjet printer paper stock. Colors may print darker than intended. These items are not 100% waterproof.

1” Buttons – .35 per button
1.25” Buttons – .37 per button
2.25” Buttons – .40 per button

Button Templates.

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Price of an enamel pin is broken down into three parts: Per pin price, mold fee and shipping from our Taiwanese manufacturer.  Before starting an order, understand this art form is not a click and print easy process. It is literally fabrication, which requires precise file types and information. In order to get a quote for a project we must have the following:

What Is Needed For A Quote

  1. Art as a vector graphic in a .ai file, svg or pdf. Note that a vector file should not be a raster image or made of pixels unless you’re doing a flat, printed image on a pin.
  2. All color areas on the graphic have to have an outline. An enamel pin is usually raised metal with pockets of color put in. Color cannot touch color and requires an outline.
  3. What Pantone colors am I using? When designing your pin, use pantone swatch matches in adobe illustrator or make a key that has a color and then in text write the number of the pantone.
  4. What is the size of the pin in its longest dimension? 1 inch to 1.5 inch is a standard max size. The vector graphic should be designed to this size and please note that some fine details may not come out if you’re sizing something large down.
  5. What metal is to be used? Most enamel pins are silver nickel or gold colored. Please note that the cheapest gold looking option is called “brass.” L – AC in the photo below are metal examples.
  6. How many posts / pin backs does it need? Most of my pins that are larger than 1” square or round have 2 posts to stabilize them on what they are pinned to.
  7. What kind of pin backs do you want? Pin backs are the clutches that attach to the opposite side of what the pin is being pinned to. The standard and cheapest are either metal butterfly clutches or nylon clutches. Nylon clutches are good for hats and pins that will not be on clothing that may see a lot of physical activity. Butterfly clutches are similar but hold a little tighter. The other option one may order  is tie-tac clutches which require a pulling motion for them to release. These cost extra. There are Allen wrench locking clutches, which can be used if the garment sees physical activity or if the owner doesn’t want to ever lose it. It’s best to buy on ebay and offer to your customers as an add-on.
  8. Soft enamel or Hard enamel? Soft enamel are enamel pins that have a more raised feel. They are option B in the photo. Most enamel pins are this style and the cheaper option. Hard enamel or sometimes called New enamel are flatter and arguably more precious looking. This option is a bit more expensive. See C as an example. If you need a better example, google it.
  9. Should it have an epoxy coating? Epoxy is a clear resin that covers the finished pin, protecting the pin’s metal from getting scratched or the color from getting knocked out by force. I didn’t used to do this, but now I do to ensure my pins live in the vintage market.
  10. Should it have a back side logo? All my pins have this. It is an added charge but it’s a cool touch.
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Graphic Assistance

Graphic assistance is available. It is $75 per hour. The time it will take to finish depends on the complexity and the state of the source image.

Per Pin Price

Price depends on size, how many colors, and how detailed the image is. My more simpler pins are .50 to .75 per pcs with my more elaborate pins being $1.75 to $2 per pcs.

Mold Fees

All metal enamel pins have a mold fee. The bigger and more detailed they are, the more a mold fee will be. Mold fees typically run between $50 and $100 per pin. This is a one time fee if the pin is ordered regularly. After a year of not using a mold, a new mold will need to be made.


Shipping from Asia depends on how much it weighs, which is based on the pin size and quantity. It can vary between $150 and $200.

Turn Around

Depending on the time of year, it typically takes 30 days to receive an order from the day art is approved and paid in full. Note that Asia has holidays separate from the USA. Chinese New Year is a time where basically from Jan 13 to Feb 1st, no one is working. There are a few others so just be advised that you should give yourself ample time to get this item. There are rush services available. Just request them at time of quote.

Examples of Past Orders

To assist you in visualizing possibilities and in requesting a quote, check out Enamel Pins – Examples. This page includes examples of past orders, as well as photo examples of pin metals, styles, and options.

Photo Examples of Pin Metals, Styles, and Options

To assist you in visualizing possibilities and in requesting a quote, check out Enamel Pins – Examples. This page includes examples of past orders, as well as photo examples of pin metals, styles, and options.


We also print banners, posters & flyers, business cards, lanyards, custom tents, and promotional products of any kind.

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Street Cred Stickers? What’s that? These one to two spot-color Screen Printed Stickers aren’t for everybody. Most of our customers want our digitally printed stickers that are custom cut by a digital die-cutting machine. But there’s something about getting a big sheet of screen printed stickers all crowded together that you cut out yourself.