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When placing a screen printing order the price is made up of three different variables: GARMENT COST, PRODUCTION COST, SCREEN FEES / GRAPHIC FEES.

In order to get an accurate quote the client must send a graphic in its final or near final form, communicate a desired garment style and color and an estimated quantity given with a size distribution breakdown.

If a client can’t provide this, they may scroll to GARMENT COSTPRODUCTION COST and FEES to get a general idea of the pricing.

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You can switch up garments and include different kinds of garments with the same print and location at no extra cost.

Unisex 2X and up are not quoted but are about a dollar more for each size up.

Note these prices are subject to change as the market will fluctuate with demand.

All styles are hyperlinked to a detailed description and color options.

If you’d like other garment options quoted, just ask.

Samples are available upon request; however, please note that samples are not free and either will need to be returned or paid for.

Garment Cost – Providing your own garments

Yes, clients may provide their own garments. Note that we are not responsible for garments that are misprinted. If a client orders garments through us, the price per garment includes a mess up contingency, which is often 1% to 3% of an order as screen printing is an art form and can have unforeseen results or errors.

Garment Cost – T-shirts Unisex Short Sleeve

These are my go-to garment styles. Soft, fashion forward.

100% Cotton

50/50 Poly Cotton Blend and Heathers

These are my economical options. They are not as soft but will hold up and are durable. These shirts will live 10 years plus and will survive into the vintage market.

  • Gildan 500 – These are 100% cotton. S – XL price is $3.10 per tee.
  • Gildan Hammers – These are 100% heavyweight cotton. S-XL $4.40 per tee. These shirts will last a long time. If the goal is for the garment to make it to vintage, this is one’s best bet.

Garment Cost – T-shirts Long Sleeve

Next Level N3601 or Bella Canvas 3501 Long Sleeve T-Shirts – 100% cotton.  S-XL price is $7.64 per tee. CVC and 50/50’s available.

Gildan 2400 or 240 economical and heavy weight $5.89 per tee.

Ladies Long Sleeve Bella Canvas 6500 7.41 per pcs

Garment Cost – Sweatshirts (Hooded and Crew)

Please note that printed fleece sometimes has a rough texture. We employ processes to keep this to a minimum but it happens with white ink.

Independent Heavyweight Pullover Hoods$20.13

Independent Heavyweight Zip Up Hoods$22.88

There are different fleece options on Independents site. If you see something you like, either a different weight or style, let me know and I’ll quote it.

Here are my economical options

Gildan 185 Hoods – 50/50 poly cotton blend – XS – XL – $12.02 per Hood

Garment Cost – Youth Shirt (7yo to 13yo)

Gildan 500B – These are 100% cotton. XS – XL – $3 per tee. Max print area of 12.5” x 15”.

Bella Canvas 3001Y – 100% cotton. S – XL – $4.20 per tee.

Garment Cost – Youth Sweatshirts (Hooded and Crew)

Gildan 185B – Hooded Pullover SweatShirt. 50/50 ply cotton. XS – XL – $11.50 per hood.

Max print area of 12.5” x 14”.

Garment Cost – Baby Onesies (New Born to 24mo) and Toddler Shirts (2T – 5/6T)

Rabbit Skins 4400 Onesie – $3.48 per pcs

Rabbit Skins 3301 Toddler Shirt – $3.32 per pcs


The pricing below is for orders using standard ink colors. Choose colors from STANDARD and ATHLETIC PLASTISOL COLORS, FLUORESCENT, under SPECIAL EFFECTS I use gold shimmer and metallic silver.

We do not heat press foil.

If the graphic is given in the correct format and we can assess how much ink it will use, these prices could go lower; however, this pricing is lower than the advertised national standard.

We do not heat press foil.

If the graphic is given in the correct format and we can assess how much ink it will use, these prices could go lower; however, this pricing is lower than the advertised national standard.

30 – 49 pcs = $4.15 per pcs for the first color. .80 for each color after per print.

50 – 99 pcs = $3.85 per pcs for the first color. .70 for each color after per print.

100 – 149 pcs = $3.70 per pcs for the first color. .60 for each color after per print.

Note that pantone matches and low cure inks require .20 to .30 cent upcharge or service fee for mixing.

Heat Pressed Graphics are $12.50 per shirt for the first graphic. This includes last names, numbers or any graphic that is meant for a low quantity production.

Graphic Information and Sizing

Graphic Information and Sizing – Graphic Format

Graphic Information and Sizing – Graphic Sizing for Garment Types

Graphic Sizing for Garment Types: Unisex T-Shirts, Ladies V-Necks, Ladies Crew-Necks

Max print area for the front and back is 12.5” W x 18.5” H.

For slim fitting ladies, 8” to 10” wide allows for the graphic not to be lost curving around the torso of the wearer.

Graphic Sizing for Garment Types: Youth T-Shirts

From sizes S – XL the width can be maxed at 12.5” W x 15”H. If youth XS is incorporated, max area is 6” W x 7” H

Graphic Sizing for Garment Types: Youth Hoods

From size S – XL the size can be maxed out at 12.5” x 14”H. This is taken from using Gildan Youth Hoods.

Graphic Sizing for Garment Types: Baby and Toddler

Graphic print size for NB to 24MO and 2T to 5/6T is 6” x 7”.

Graphic Sizing for Garment Types: Unisex Hooded Pull-Over Sweatshirts

At this time we do not print over pocket. We can try but just understand we can not guarantee the quality of the print on or surrounding the pocket.

Graphic print size is 12.5” w 15” h. Height can vary by brand of garment and size. Smaller sizes will have less room. Larger sizes will have more room.


Fees – Screen Fee

The SCREEN FEE is $15 per color. Screen fees are one time fees for most orders. If a client desires a reorder and it is less than 30 pcs, it will incur a screen fee.

Fees – Graphic Fee

Graphic fees are applied to orders where art (either vector or raster) is not provided in the right file format and or not separated correctly.

Graphics not in the supported file types receive a $75 per hour fee to format the art. Most art we receive takes at least an hour.

Graphic Fee: Spot Color Graphics

Please note that if printing on a dark-colored garment, colors will need a white underbase to make them pop. Colors can be printed without but they will print a bit darker.

The following are what’s accepted for SPOT COLOR GRAPHICS and does not get a fee.

Illustrator or other vector files with the same color areas grouped and are the same hue (not two different hues of a color that is intended to print as the same color. I have to be able to click on it, hit select the same fill color and all select). File dimensions should be 13”x 19” and the graphic should not exceed 12.5” wide or 18.5” tall.


PSD file with all colors on separate layers. When a layer has a color on it, only that image information can be on the layer. That means no white or solid backgrounds or touches of white or black on that layer. File DPI should be at least 300 DPI.  File dimensions should be 13”x 19” and the graphic should not exceed 12.5” wide or 18.5” tall.

Graphic Fee: CMYK & Simulated Process

CMYK (printed on white shirts) or Simulated Process (printed on black and colored garments) is printing art that is painterly with various colors and or a  full color or a photo realistic image. These get a $50 fee to format. PSD preferred. File DPI should be at least 300 DPI.  File art board or canvas dimensions should be 13”x 19” and the graphic should not exceed 12.5” wide or 18.5” tall. Note that color gradients will appear as halftone dots.

How to Pay

We require at least 50% down before production starts and the rest paid upon pick-up.


Orders will be constructed in a spreadsheet and linked to a Quickbooks invoice. QB invoices can be paid with cc or debit card with a 3% service fee. Invoices can be paid with the bank option as ACH with an added 1% charge up to $10 bucks. Checks and cash do not incur a service fee.

Payments may be sent to Michael Wieclaw 2509 Arenal Rd SW, ABQ, NM 87105

Checks made out to: Metal The Brand LLC

Venmo – @metalthebrand (no service fee at this time)

CashApp – $metalthebrand (no service fee at this time)

Zelle –

Paypal (send with “friend and family” option checked. If a paypal fee occurs, the client is responsible.)

ACH / Bank Transfer –

If it asks for a name, Michael Wieclaw. If it asks for a business name Metal The Brand LLC.

2509 Arenal Rd SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105

Account type: Checking

Bank: Bank of America 3323 Isleta Blvd SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105

Routing: 107000327

Account: 439009162251

Standards and Practices

Standards and Practices – Pick-Up Instructions

It is assumed the client will pick-up the order when it is complete from our studio at 2509 Arenal Rd SW. The studio is between Atrisco and Ramirez on the northside of Arenal. Addresses do not go in order, the building is teal-ish green and the address is painted on a sign on the front of the fence by the road. Staff is here from 9am to 5pm most weekdays. We are closed on the weekend. If a client needs a time accommodation that can be done on request.

Standards and Practices – Communication Policy

We work Mon – Fri 9 to 5 and we communicate through email and phone calls. With emails, please keep all messages in the same email thread as having multiple threads all containing important information scattered and not in one place allows for mistakes. We do not communicate via Messenger or social media apps. We prefer not to communicate about orders through text messages, though coordination for pick-ups or meetings is fine. If a text message chain is started about an order, it is out of courtesy and can be revoked at any time. Note that most Fridays are locked in with tasks before the weekend so direct communication may not happen unless a meeting is scheduled. We do not work on weekends. Phone calls are welcomed; however, it is best to text first with your full name and we may save the number and answer when the call comes up as a recognized contact. We do not answer calls we don’t recognize due to robocalls. We do not listen to voicemails–instead text or email the message.

Standards and Practices – Client Art / Placement Responsibilities

Though we assist and give our best advice on the execution of a graphic to print, it is the client’s responsibility to answer the following questions:

1.        What is the desired width of a graphic?

Our max printable width is 12.5”. Unisex shirts are often 10” to 11.5”. 12” is large and parts of the graphic could get lost with the curvature of the body, but a lot of people like prints big. We suggest that clients have a ruler and measure graphics on their own shirts or just put it on their own chest to give a visual aid in making a decision.

2.        What is the desired distance from the neck seam?

A graphic smaller in height is usually 2” from the neck. A single line of text or logo that should rest over a male’s nipples is usually 4”. If the print is tall (over 15”) we suggest 1” from the neck. This also goes for printing tank tops and v-necks as the print will be lower.

3.        Know what fonts are being used in your logo or image graphics if they are not in vector format.

Oftentimes a graphic will be sent from a client and it is a small size not suitable for printing. There are a million different fonts out there and it is hard to instantly know what font was used. We ask clients to please send us the font or show us where to download it. If you have no idea, go to and find one, then copy and paste the url so we can download it. Note this does not apply to text converted to outline in vector files.

4.        CLIENT: “Please make sure the text is legible.”

We recommend any smaller body text to be slab sans serif font at 12pt or bigger. Serifed fonts may be used–we are only recommending what’s easiest to read.

If something needs to be seen and recognized from a certain distance, client’s should print the text at varying sizes on a home printer and look at it in real life. The question itself is very subjective and it is up to the client to know how they intend their message or art to be read.

5.        Clients must browse garment styles and colors and make that decision.

Once a general apparel style is communicated (shirt, hoodie, youth shirt, etc) the client will be provided with web addresses to then review the garment’s sizing, look and weight. Then, the color is reviewed and chosen by them. From there, we will be able to see if the garment is available and its cost to finish a quote or invoice. We have go-to brands and styles for most everything, that doesn’t mean there’s not something better suited for a project out there.

6.        Mocks we send are not a completely accurate representation of the final product and how the print will look on every ordered size.

Standards and Practices – Order Turnaround

Our turnaround at most times is 7 to 14 business days upon approval of art and received deposit. Depending on the production schedule and time of year it may take a shorter or longer time. In any regard that will be communicated. Note that around Memorial Day, 4th of July,  Labor Day and Thanksgiving to Xmas the production schedule is strained. If a product is needed leading up to that time, please communicate your deadline.

Standards and Practices – Rush Services

Regarding tight deadlines, I do not guarantee any order to be finished on time when not in a safe window of normal operation. Shipping, worker illness, and acts of god are things out of my control; however, we are a professional print company and have been in business for 10+ years. We care about our clients and their orders, so, if there’s the chance to make it happen, we sure as hell will try.

Standards and Practices – What if I’m not happy with the order?

If a client is unhappy with their order, we welcome any communication to identify the problem and remedy it. Though we aim to please in all aspects of our service, we are human and make mistakes.

Standards and Practices – Up to 3% of an order may be at 80% quality

Up to 3% of orders may print not as intended but stay within 80% of our shop’s zone of quality. If garments are being provided, note that we do not compensate for garments that may not print correctly. Garments, when ordered through us, include an amount for mess ups that fall below our quality zone.

Standards and Practices – Quality Zone Definition

Our quality zone is based on the 6 foot to 4 foot rule. If the graphic visually communicates within 80% of its intended message at 6 to 4 feet away, it has passed quality inspection. Note things at the lower end of that quality will not exceed 3% of the order.